Dear John

Dear John,
Today when I had unprotected sex with a client a thought occurred to me.  Shouldn't we be telling them that their next partner is now exposed to a high risk situation
Because you see, John,  I am afraid for my health.  One of my friends has been diagnosed with Hepatitis C .  She contracted the disease after years of being an intravenous heroin user She started out just needing a little bit to sniff to get by, but it got worse after she was moved to Albany.  I haven't gotten tested for HIV in a while, and I am afraid of contracting Herpes or Chlamydia.  Who knows how many men will visit this hotel room before I can get to a doctor?  I heard that the  Department of Health lists local clinics that you can get tested at.
I miss my family and my loved ones, and I am afraid they fear the worst for me.  I am afraid to go to the police because I fear that I will be arrested.
I fear every day that this is my fault.  I know deep down that it is not, but one day when I get out of here, I hope I can tell at least one girl that it is ok to get help and that there are people who are there to help.
The Girl in Room 3C